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Settlement Counsel
There are times when a company or individual embroiled in litigation desires to bring an end to the dispute, but can't quite find the way.  Sometimes, a fresh approach is required: everyone involved in the litigation has been so close to the trees that they no longer can see the forest.  Sometimes, what is needed is a creative solution that has eluded the parties.  Litigation occasionally can create such bitterness between counsel that they cannot deal effectively with each other in any mode other than combat.  At times, a party will simply wish to consult with someone whose principal focus is settlements rather than litigation tactics.  In situations like these, parties should consider retaining special settlement counsel, either to give advice behind the scenes, or to negotiate with the other side.

With a wealth of both litigation and mediation experience in his background, Frank Carling is ideally situated to serve as settlement counsel.  All inquiries regarding possible retention in that capacity are treated as strictly confidential.